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Grades K-3

Pedometer: Tracing Your Steps
Trace Your Steps encourages additional walking into your students’ daily routine as a physical activity that is both fun and challenging. With the use of a pedometer, students can see how many steps they take each day and challenge themselves to meet set goals for the next day. As incentive for attaining those goals, they also gain rewards for their effort!

Bravo for Breakfast!
This lesson will help students understand the importance of eating a healthy breakfast.

Breakfast: Here and There, Then and Now
In this lesson, the importance of breakfast will be highlighted for students. Students will share common breakfast foods and find them on the food guide pyramid. In addition to highlighting breakfast, this lesson will highlight history, tradition, and culture, three very important aspects of social studies. Students will share breakfast traditions they have in their families and will look closely at what people have eaten for breakfast in different countries and in different time periods.

What’s for Breakfast?
This lesson is designed to highlight breakfast as an ever important first meal. In this lesson, students will work together to “read” Pancakes for Breakfast, a wordless book which shows the sequence the main character follows in preparing her own breakfast. Students will then discuss the importance of breakfast as the first meal of the day. Students will be given the opportunity to talk about different items they eat for breakfast. They will also discuss choices highlighted by the teacher. Finally, students will write their own mini-book documenting the sequence they follow in preparing their breakfast.

Grades 4-6

Pedometer: Benefits of Walking
This lesson has the class broken up into groups of two, asking them to identify, describe and present research regarding the benefits of walking and the use of a pedometer.

Breakfast Food Labels: Figuring them out!
This lesson is designed to educate students about food labels while reinforcing basic mathematical skills. Breakfast should provide one-quarter of the day’s nutritional requirements.

Breakfast Bonus
This lesson is designed to highlight breakfast as an ever-important first meal. While students work together to develop answers to questions they will be able to explore the physiological, academic, and social impact of consuming a nutritious breakfast and the effect it can have on their daily lives. The development of good, healthful eating practices, which will be the foundation for good life-style habits, are important lessons for our nation’s school children to adopt.